Anonymous said: Can we change the FC if we want? also is there a set character personality or do we completely make it up?

This RP is closed.

Anonymous said: holy fucking shit julia is the daughter of clare and the guy who killed her in dotf what the fuck oh my god


Rayden Torres

kayla-sadie-evans-deactivated20 said: could I change madisons fc to shailene woodley?

No, sorry.

Rayden Torres - ACCEPTED

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Degrassi RP in search of new members.

I know there are many RPs out there just like this one,

but won’t you just consider it?

We have many open characters, just waiting to be filled.


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Destiney Milligan and Kourtney Michalchuk-Nunez are now open.

Chase Guthrie is now open.

haltlose said: This is Kennedy, going through a lot. I won't be on Madi for a few days!


Scarlett Goldsworthy

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